Ewa Zwarycz, “Broken Mirror”

Zapraszamy na wystawę wrocławskiej artystki Ewy Zwarycz w ulicznej galerii Szewska (02.07-20.08) i galerii Mieszkanie Gepperta (15.07-19.08).


02.07.2021 — 19.08.2021

Forum for Dialogue

The program of the Social Forum during the 19th SURVIVAL Art Review was devoted to artistic mobility, international exchanges and residencies.

26.06.2021 — 28.06.2021

Art Review SURVIVAL 19

Znamy program dziewiętnastej edycji Przeglądu Sztuki w historycznym Pafawagu.

25.06.2021 — 29.06.2021

SURVIVAL 19 at Szewska gallery

The exhibition at the Szewska gallery presents fragments of artistic works in the template of the SURVIVAL slogan: You ain’t going nowhere.

15.06.2021 — 29.06.2021


The oldest review of new media art in Poland and Central Europe, focused on the issues of contemporary art in the context of culture and communication in the new version of the Szewska gallery.

01.06.2021 — 14.06.2021

VAHA: Wrocław Strategic Survival Hub

We diagnose the social, political and organizational difficulties faced by the third sector.



A unique exhibition of paintings by a young artist at the Mieszkanie Gepperta contemporary art gallery.

20.05.2021 — 20.06.2021


Congratulations to the Polish artists who take part in the international project ARTIFAKE on spreading disinformation and propaganda.


Leon Podsiadły, „Bel Air”

We present a catalog and an exhibition commemorating the work of the great artist – mentor of Wrocław’s sculpture – Leon Podsiadły

30.04.2021 — 31.05.2021

Careers in the Common Good

Are you a young adult in or from Hungary, Serbia, Poland, Czechia or Slovakia and looking for a way to make a difference?

28.04.2021 — 15.05.2021

Horacy Muszyński, “Rixt”

As part of the artist’s exhibition at the Mieszkanie Gepperta gallery, the premiere of his latest film will be on April 12. Until the end of April, in the Szewska street gallery you can see an exhibition illustrating the process of creating “Rixt”.

24.03.2021 — 10.05.2021

Hanna Krzetuska-Geppertowa, 15% of abstraction

The exhibition on Szewska Street features reproductions of seventeen canvases by Hanna Krzetuska-Geppert, selected from among 47 works once donated by the artist to the collection of the Archdiocese Museum in Wrocław.

15.02.2021 — 12.03.2021