Open call for artists at IICCA  – DemArt

We are opening the call for art projects in Brochów, Wrocław! The winning individual or collective will receive €10,000 to carry out their activity!

We are opening the call for art projects in Brochów, Wrocław! The winning individual or collective will receive €10,000 to carry out their activity!

1. Who are we? 

Hi, we are a team of three young art commissioners (Arleta, Gosia, Hubert) working with the Art Transparent Foundation team within the IICCA project. We are going to select and support the process of implementing an art project in Brochów. You can find out more about us here: LINK

This open call is part of a larger programme called DemArt, which is run by the International Institute of Community Commissioned Art (IICCA), set up by BETHLEN THEATER (HU), Art Transparent (PL) and the New Theater Institute of Latvia (LV). 

The aim of the IICCA’s DemArt programme is to democratise the art funding and commissioning practices of local government units and other organisations in charge of culture, and to include the local communities and their cultural needs in the process.

You can read more about this initiative here: LINK

2. Where do we operate?

Brochów is a housing estate in Wrocław, inhabited by a multicultural community – Polish, Roma, Ukrainian and others. Until 1951, it was a workers’ town, which grew thanks to the construction of the largest marshalling yard in central Europe. As a result, Brochów is still characterised by a certain separateness from the centre, a look from the sidelines, a different perspective.

The former German town of Brokau was designed as an urban garden city – a model settlement for the working class. Today, it is also an important centre of Roma culture. It is high time to discover this labyrinth of unapparent, intersecting stories, histories and friendships. 

3. Who are we looking for? 

We are looking for artists who want to carry out a creative project in Brochów. We are interested in all artistic disciplines, but we want the project to be inclusive, connecting and community-forming, so that it brings joy and inspiration to the lives of Brochów residents. We are open to the most daring ideas, but we would also like the project to be an attempt to respond to the needs of the local community. That is why, above all, we are looking for people who enjoy/inspire creative work with communities or are curious about this form of activity. We invite both individuals and art collectives/groups.

4. What are we looking for?

We are interested in various forms of artistic activities, including non-standard, interdisciplinary and innovative ones. We are open to ideas that go beyond old canons and traditional understandings of art. Your activity can be, for example, a sculpture, a mural, an exhibition, an installation, a sound installation, a concert, a play or performance, a book, a comic book, a film, a series, an app, a game, but also a ritual, a festival, an artistic festival/event or a series of workshops, as well as many other forms that we have not yet seen/known/cannot imagine. Just tell us what you want to do and we promise to consider even the craziest ideas.



– The project should be carried out in Brochów;
– The project should meet at least one of these conditions: 

  • for the Brochów community,
  • with the Brochów community,
  • about the Brochów community.


  • long-term impact on the life of the local residents;
  • addressing an important topic;
  • some form of inclusion and involvement of at least one of Brochów’s communities (Poles, Roma, Ukrainians, Africans, railway workers, etc.), for example by inviting them to co-create a work of art, participate or be inspired by the history, experience or culture of a given community. 
  • addressing untold/unapparent stories/topics;
  • engaging different age groups;
  • bold idea.

6. How do we proceed?


We will first arrange short meetings with selected individuals/collectives. By the end of March 2024, we will select the final three, who will each receive €1,000 to develop their ideas.


In April and May 2024, the three selected individuals/collectives will come up with comprehensive descriptions of their ideas, which should include: detailed description of the project, place of implementation, visualisations (in the case of activities involving objects), sketches, preliminary budget, technical conditions and schedule of activities. Final concepts should be submitted by 31 May 2024.

On 22 June 2024, the artists will publicly present their concepts in Brochów during the SURVIVAL Art Review. The presentations will be followed by a discussion with the public. We will then select and announce the winning project. 


The final implementation of the project is planned for the end of September 2024.


In accordance with point 3.8 of the regulations, the Organizer has decided to change the deadline for submitting contest entries. Consequently, the deadline specified in sections 1.2, 2.1 (Stage I), and 3.5 of these regulations is changed to March 1, 2024.

  1. The “Open Call for an Art Project in Brochów – Demart” (hereinafter: “Open Call”) is organised by the ART TRANSPARENT Foundation (hereinafter:”Organiser”).
  2. Applications to the Open Call will be accepted from the announcement of this call until 29 February 2024.
  3. These Rules are binding for the Organiser and the Open Call Participants; they regulate the terms and conditions of participation in the Open Call, the implementation of the projects, the rights and obligations of the Organiser and the Open Call Participants. 
  4. The Open Call Rules are available at 
  5. The aim of the Open Call is to select an art project to be carried out in Brochów, Wrocław.
  6. The successful art project submitted in the Open Call will be selected by the Art Commissioners appointed by the Organiser (hereinafter: “Commissioners”).
  • 2 Project selection
  1. The selection of the art project is carried out in three stages:


Project ideas are accepted until 29 February 2024. On their basis, by the end of March 2024 the Commissioners will select three artists who will sign agreements and receive a remuneration of € 1,000 gross each to refine their concepts. The final three will be chosen through discussions with the Commissioners, who will evaluate the feasibility of their projects, their value for the local community and artistic value. Detailed criteria are described in the Open Call announcement.


By the end of May 2024, the three selected individuals/collectives will prepare comprehensive descriptions of their ideas, which should include: detailed description of the project, place of implementation, visualisations (in the case of activities involving objects), sketches, preliminary budget, technical conditions and schedule of activities. Final concepts should be submitted by 31 May 2024.

On 22 June 2024, the selected artists will publicly present their concepts in Brochów, Wrocław, as part of the SURVIVAL Art Review. The presentations will be followed by a discussion with the public. The Commissioners will then select and announce the winning project whose author(s) will be invited to negotiate an agreement and receive the remuneration of €10,000 gross to produce and implement the project. 


The selected art project is to be carried out by the end of September 2024.

  1. The Application Form is available at: LINK

Applications will only be accepted via the indicated electronic form.

    1. The Application Form must be completed in accordance with the guidelines describing the individual points.
  • A portfolio and CV should be attached to the form. Files should be uploaded in pdf format and should not exceed a total size of 25 MB. Attachments should be sent via the form indicating the download link. All files must be uploaded via external links and materials uploaded in this way must be available at least until the end of the Open Call. 
  1. The Organiser reserves the right to freely select the art project, guided by its artistic value and the criteria outlined in the description of the Open Call.
  2. The winning art project will be selected by the Commissioners from among the submitted entries. The form and scope of presentation will be agreed by the Organiser and the Commissioners with the selected Participants by 30 June 2024. 
  3. Participants in the Open Call must not be the Artistic Commissioner or persons involved in the organisation and preparation of the Open Call.
  4. An agreement will be signed with the selected Open Call Participants, which will specify the individual terms and conditions of producing the work, its presentation, organisation and transfer of copyright or granting a licence to it. 
  • 3 Rules of conducting the Open Call 
  1. The Organiser appoints the Open Call coordinator, Aleksandra Jach, to carry out the organisational work and the day-to-day correspondence with the Open Call Participants. 
  2. Correspondence, in electronic form, should be addressed to the e-mail address:
  3. The submitted ideas for artistic works will be evaluated by the Commissioners.
  4. The submitted works will be evaluated by the Commissioners according to the criteria outlined in the Open Call description.
  5. Deadline for submitting ideas for artistic works – from the date of announcing the Open Call until 29 February 2024. 
  6. Deadline for the announcement of the Open Call results – 30 June 2024. 
  7. Deadline for project implementation – September 2024.
  8. The Organiser reserves the right to change the deadlines listed in points 6-8 above without giving any reason. Information about any changes will be published on the website.
  • 4 Production 
  1. The work must be prepared in accordance with the production schedule agreed with the Commissioners and the Organiser. 
  2. The Organiser shall ensure that the production costs of the project selected in the Open Call are covered on the basis of a separate agreement, within the remuneration specified therein. 
  3. The Organiser, having previously agreed on the technological details, will provide the selected Open Call Participant with organisational assistance in the production of the art project. 
  • 5 Organisation of the Winning Project
  1. The Organiser will be responsible for promoting the selected art project and accompanying events. 
  2. The selected and produced art projects will be presented in Brochów, Wrocław, in September 2024. The exact date and place of implementing the project will be agreed between the selected artist or collective, the Commissioners and the Organiser.
  3. The Organiser will provide supervision of the art project, but does not guarantee protection, does not insure the works or equipment for the duration of the production, presentation and dismantling of the project. In particular, the Organiser is not responsible for the destruction, damage or theft of the work by third parties. 
  4. In order to carry out the project and produce the work, it is necessary for the Open Call Participant to sign an agreement specifying the individual conditions of implementation of the project, in particular: its type and basic characteristics, the scope and deadline for the production of the work, the form of financing the costs of production and other costs incurred by the Open Call Participant, the scope and conditions of the transfer of copyright or granting a licence pursuant to the provisions of §6 of these Rules and Regulations. 
  • 6 Copyright 
  1. By submitting an idea for an artistic work in response to the Open Call, the Open Call Participant agrees to grant the Organiser a licence, without time and territorial restrictions, to present and promote the artistic work as part of the Open Call, and to include it in film and photographic materials documenting the course and execution of the Open Call. The granting of the licence and the detailed rules of using the work will be set out in an individual agreement between the Open Call Participant and the Organiser. 
  2. The Open Call Participant shall retain all personal copyrights to the artistic work and proprietary copyrights to the extent that they have not been transferred to the Organiser in a separate agreement.
  3. By submitting an idea for an artistic work, the Open Call Participant guarantees that the work does not and will not have any legal defects and accepts all possible claims of third parties related to formal and legal defects of the submitted artistic work. The Participant shall be solely responsible for any legal defects in the work. 
  4. In the event of the presentation of the work after its final presentation following the Open Call, i.e. during other exhibitions, festivals, cultural events, etc., the Open Call Participant is obliged to state in all materials that the work was created on commission and with the funds of the DemArt project and the Art Transparent Foundation, and to inform the Organiser of each public presentation of the artistic work. 
  • 7 Final provisions 
    1. Completing and submitting an application in response to the Open Call for an art project in Brochów as part of the DemArt project is tantamount to accepting these above Rules. 
    2. The Participants’ personal data will be processed on the basis of Article 6(1)(a) of the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation), for the purpose of carrying out the Call, in particular for the purpose of enabling the Participants to participate in the Call, for the period necessary for these purposes. The data will be processed in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation and the Personal Data Protection Act of 10 May 2018 (Journal of Laws 2018, item 1000).
    3. The controller of the personal data of the Participants is the Organiser, i.e. Art Transparent Foundation, ul. Ofiar Oświęcimskich 1/2, 55-069 Wrocław, KRS: 0000247340, NIP: 9151705192, Regon: 020216173, e-mail: 
    4. For the purposes specified in §7(2) of these Rules, the following personal data of the Participants will be processed: name, surname, telephone number, e-mail address and address of residence. 
    5. Providing personal data by the Open Call Participants is voluntary; however, failing to provide such data may make it impossible to participate in the Open Call and receive the Award. Personal data obtained in connection with the conclusion and execution of the agreement shall be processed exclusively for this purpose, or for the purpose of establishing and asserting claims or defending against claims. They may be transferred to other entities if there is a legal basis for doing so, or if the legitimate interest of the controller or a third party requires it. 
    6. The Organiser, as the controller of personal data, may use processors to whom it entrusts the processing of data on its behalf, on the basis of a separate agreement. 
  • With regard to the processing of personal data by the Organiser, the Open Call Participant has the right to: 
  • access their data and receive a copy of their data; 
  • rectify (amend) their data; 
  • have their personal data erased if the processing of their data does not take place in order to comply with an obligation arising from a legal provision or to exercise the legitimate interests of the controller or of a third party; 
  • request the restriction of the processing of their data 
  • object to the processing of their data; 
  • lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority – President of the Office for Personal Data Protection (ul. Stawki 2, 00-193 Warsaw).



Organized by the International Institute of Community-Commissioned Art and funded by Creative Europe in collaboration with Art Transparent, New Theatre Institute of Latvia, Bethlen Theater.

Project “Democratising art commissioning by involving local communities” (DemArt) co-funded by the European Union. Views and opinions expressed are however those of the author(s) only and do not necessarily reflect those of the European Union or the European Education and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA). Neither the European Union nor EACEA can be held responsible for them.


The task entitled “DemArt Lower Silesia – Ordering Art by the Community in the Local Public Space” is co-financed by the Self-Government of Lower Silesian Voivodeship.