Hanna Krzetuska. It’s Me Who Paints!

Herstories of the legendary Wrocław Group in Mieszkanie Gepperta gallery. Exhibition and discussion forum.


Exhibition It’s Me Who Paints! from the series 15% of Abstraction

Exhibition at the Mieszkanie Gepperta gallery and Szewska gallery dedicated to Hanna Krzetuska and the artists of the Grupa Wrocławska.

14.10.2022 — 30.11.2022

Youth in culture

Polish-Hungarian exchange project for persons involved in the development of local socio-cultural initiatives.

10.10.2022 — 10.11.2022

Tomasz Opania, “All Quiet on the Eastern Front”

A new exhibition at Mieszkanie Gepperta and Szewska galleries will begin in early September.

02.09.2022 — 29.09.2022

Unlearning – Twenty Years of Art for Social Change in the V4 Region

We present a video that was made during the 20th SURVIVAL Art Review as part of the international UNLEARNING project.


ARTIFAKE takeover – stories from Ukraine

Artists from Ukraine take over our Instagram profile in a first-hand account from various locations in Ukraine talking about the contexts of artistic work during the war.

22.08.2022 — 25.09.2022


Read online a special publication created to celebrate the 20th birthday of the SURVIVAL Art Review.



The 20th edition of the SURVIVAL Art Review is about to begin. The jubilee presentation of the unique event featuring contemporary art will be held on 24–28 June 2022 under the slogan “Pills.”

24.06.2022 — 28.06.2022

SURVIVAL 20 in Szewska Gallery

Z zaproszeniem na jubileuszową edycją najstarszego przeglądu sztuki współczesnej w Polsce.

09.06.2022 — 30.06.2022