Paths to Interpretation

15.06.2020 — 30.06.2020

Volunteer Recruitment | SURVIVAL 18

Join the team of volunteers for 18th SURVIVAL Art Review!

05.03.2020 — 17.05.2020

Competition results | SURVIVAL 18

We know final results of the competition for artistic projects to be presented during the 18th edition of the SURVIVAL Art Review!

28.02.2020 — 28.02.2020

SURVIVAL Art Review Archive

We present online SURVIVAL Art Review Archive.

19.11.2019 — 19.11.2019

SURVIVAL 18. Call for Artworks

We invite visual artists to submit ideas for artworks until on 19th January 2020!

19.11.2019 — 19.01.2020

Senior Art Walk 2019 – Autumn Edition

Senior Art Walk is a new activity of the Art Transparent Foundation implemented in the most interesting cultural institutions of Wroclaw.


Baby Art Walk 2019 – Autumn edition

Are you a young mother or young dad? Recently, little baby turned your life upside down? Would you like to break out of the vicious circle of home-doctor-food-pharmacy for a moment? That’s great! You’ve just come to a good initiative!