SURVIVAL 20 in Szewska Gallery

Z zaproszeniem na jubileuszową edycją najstarszego przeglądu sztuki współczesnej w Polsce.

The latest exhibition at the Szewska gallery shows a selection of details of the works that will be presented during the upcoming jubilee edition of the SURVIVAL Art Review, which will be held in the former Bethany hospital at ul. Traugutta 118 in Wrocław on 24–28 June 2022.

The fourteen boards outline the extensive exhibition organised under the motto “Pills,” in which the pill is understood as a symbol of choice and change of an individual’s relationship to the surrounding reality. The alternative between the red and the blue pill in The Matrix – between living in the unbearable truth or remaining under the delusion of the system – dates back to 1999, although jumping into the rabbit hole has a much longer history. The very choice between truth and simulation is questionable in a world where the existence of objective truth is doubtful and fictions give structure to reality.

The artists taking part in the 20th edition of SURVIVAL assume different perspectives on these issues and blaze unapparent trails, weaving a narrative that will take the viewers through the mysterious basements, floors and attics of the buildings making up the monumental hospital complex.

Szewska Gallery
Szewska 27, 50-139 Wrocław