15% of abstraction. Alfons Mazurkiewicz & Anna Raczyńska

The series of exhibitions entitled 15% of Abstraction invites young artists associated with Wrocław to acquaint themselves with the work of the doyens of the local art scene – especially those who once co-created the so-called Wrocław Group – and enter into a dialogue with it.

Alfons Mazurkiewicz in his practice followed the spirit of abstraction, which had evolved from his fascination with nature and landscape, but was also inspired by man – as evidenced by the exhibition.

Anna Raczyńska’s works, mostly objects and installations, enter into a dialogue with tradition, translating old solutions not only into a contemporary visual language, but also into today’s understanding of seemingly universal subjects and inspirations.

Therefore, the term “eco-anxiety” plays an important role in Raczyńska’s approach. This phenomenon was described for the first time in 2011, and since then it has greatly spread, causing stress and depression in many people due to increasing awareness of climate change. Raczyńska, somewhat ironically, translates traditional references to nature into the language of contemporary fears. She moves beyond the well-established sphere of nostalgia in culture and art, in which nature is but a pretext for experimenting with form and composition.