The opening of the 12th edition of the SURVIVAL Art Review will take place this Friday!

On 27 June at 7 p.m., art will take over the abandoned building of the Faculty of Pharmacy of Wrocław Medical University in ul. Grodzka 9 in Wrocław.

The motto of the 12th: “City – Inflammatory State”.

projekt: Łukasz Paluch /
projekt: Łukasz Paluch /

The 12th edition of the SURVIVAL Art Review will be held from 27 June to 1 July, 2014. The subject matter of SURVIVAL 12 will focus on issues referring to bodily functions and states (infection, virus, medicine, anatomy, convalescence, the body and ethics, illness, death) as well as to architecture and urban planning (entropy, ruins, revitalization, conservation). The main thread of this edition, “City – Inflammatory State”, will inspire artists and curators of the Review to examine illness and healing in the context of the city, perceived as a living organism, and the human body.

Anna Kołodziejczyk and Michał Bieniek, the curators of the Review, have decided to divide the exhibition into two principal parts. The main exhibition will be open throughout the duration of the Review. It will comprise works submitted by artists from all over Poland and selected by the curators by means of a competition of entries.
This year, four external curators have been invited to cooperate. Magdalena Popławska, Magdalena Zięba, Szymon Kobylarz and Antoni Burzyński will supervise smaller exhibitions that will accompany the main presentation of works.
In this way, over the period of five days a complex and multi-faceted exhibition will emerge. It will explore the main thread of this year’s edition of SURVIVAL on multiple planes. The former building of the Faculty of Pharmacy will thus become a venue for dialogue between diverse artistic and curatorial approaches, and between the artists who submitted their works and those who received a special invitation.

There will be no lack of significant artists, music events, lectures, debates, and the festival club in the programme of SURVIVAL 12. edition of the SURVIVAL Art Review will take place in less than a month!

SURVIVAL 12 Art Review is curated by Michał Bieniek and Anna Kołodziejczyk, in curatorial cooperation with Anna Stec.
Sound Art Forum curator: Daniel Brożek
Curator of debates: Bartek Lis

SURVIVAL 12 Art Review: “City – Inflammatory State”
27 June – 1 July, 2014