The 11th edition of the SURVIVAL Art Review opens in one month!

The opening ceremony of the 11th edition of the SURVIVAL Art Review will take place in Xawery Dunikowski Boulevard on 21 June at 7 p.m.

This year’s edition of SURVIVAL is primarily an Art Review consisting of exhibitions near Xawery Dunikowski Boulevard, a venue which does not normally present artworks.

Over 30 artworks will be presented during the Review, including site specific works as well as broadly defined art interventions in the cityscape. In addition to that, two more works chosen by the curators will be exhibited outside the proper area of the Review, in the picturesque surroundings of the Morskie Oko bathing beach and the ‘Black Stream’ pond. This year, a partner from Germany has been invited: the curator and the organisers of the Aquamediale festival, since the majority of artworks shown at that event refers to water and the phenomena connected with it, both at conceptual and formal levels.

Since the motto of the 11th edition of the SURVIVAL Art Review is ‘We’re Sailing!’, all the aspects of the exhibition part of the festival will concern water, in particular the river and its connections with the city. Other actions carried out as part of the festival will also refer to water and the river.

The lectures and debates will be devoted to subjects connected with water, and some of them will be held on the river. We will talk about important matters, for instance if the 1997 flood in Wrocław integrated the inhabitants; we will address the question: ‘Is the Nadodrze District on the Oder?’; we will talk about the river as a source of inspiration for artists; and we will take a leisurely cruise to hold a discussion ‘On the River’.

The Music Stage will also refer to the river. During SURVIVAL it will be possible to listen to the Oder and find out what acoustic ecology is. There will also be a workshop about field recording and a presentation of compositions and sound recordings which enter into a dialogue with the audio sphere of the Oder banks in Wrocław.

The curators of the 11th SURVIVAL Art Review are: Michał Bieniek and Anna Kołodziejczyk

11th SURVIVAL Art Review: ‘We’re Sailing!’

21-30 June 2013

Vernissage: 21 June (Friday), 7 p.m.

Xavery Dunikowski Boulevard, Wrocław