“Among the Islands”, a project curated by Miachł Bieniek and Anna Kołodziejczyk. Wrocław, 29 June-28 July 2008

Wrocław is sometimes called the Venice of this part of Europe. Through centuries it was the dictate of water that has molded the shape of the city’s space. The contemporary urban planning creates new links of bridges which connect the most remote city quarters, which is a purely practical solution. Yet, at same time the issue of the management of the space around the water – in the context of the human need of being in the water’s proximity and feeling its symbolical dimension – seems to be almost totally neglected. Do we live in a city of a seeming elegance, where no initiative can take place, which is more daring than the location of park benches “with a view on the water”?

Contemporary art offers a repertoire of solutions: shaping the urban surroundings by art projects confirms their democratic status. Art in the public space is in fact a multi-layer investment into integration and – to a certain degree – into utopia – the extent of the art’s impact on the public/citizens escapes all attempts at measuring. The project „Among the Islands” returns to the city a secret fragment of the environment. Installations are placed in the city’s space, yet their meaning becomes clear when contrasted with the presence of water in a city agglomeration. These projects introduce an element of landscape revitalization and deal with its lost beauty. Part of them stems from the idea of the contemporary city ornaments and aims at regaining of the lost grandeur. Other mock the pursuit for sense in everything, and refer to relaxation and pleasure. All of them prove that it is a good move to invite artists to take part in the actual shaping of the visual quality of the city.

Curators : Michał Bieniek, Anna Kołodziejczyk

Dominika Sobolewska – Walking in the Sky – St. Clare’s footbridge
Dagmara Hoduń – City Baths –Słodowa Island, Rolling – moat next to Wzgórze Partyzantów
Michał Gdak – RIVERS – Bulwar Xawerego Dunikowskiego
Truth – Untitled – moat next to Galeria Dominikańska


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