Piotr Sakowski, „ . ” / 21.03.2013 – 12.04.2013 / Mieszkanie Gepperta

In his practice, Piotr Sakowski aims at maximum simplification of the traditional ways of presenting art – all he does is show the captions accompanying his works, which are in fact absent in the gallery. Sakowski’s subtle interference with the exhibition space, in the spirit of the conceptual art tradition, emphasises the potential of a word which is capable of creating energy and space with the entire build-up of emotions and impressions emerging at the artist/artwork/recipient meeting point. By excluding the intermediation of a tangible object with physical properties, Sakowski’s actions force the viewer to ponder the mechanisms of the reception of contemporary art and how to evaluate it.


Łukasz Paluch / AnoMalia art studio

To what extent is art nowadays based on the recipients’ imagination and their ability of abstract thinking? How far can the artist go in limiting the formal means of expression and ‘freeing the artwork from sensual materialisation’1? Piotr Sakowski’s work stimulates a number of questions regarding the notions of presence, visibility or peripherality, as well as referring to the broadly understood limits: of space, imagination, the human mind, and consequently – to the limits of contemporary art.

The exhibition of Sakowski’s works will also give rise to a question about the relevance of conceptual actions today. This question is gaining in importance especially in the context of Wrocław and the recent exhibition at Wrocław Contemporary Museum titled Where Is Permafo?, which reflected on the practice of conceptual artists in Wrocław in the 1970s.

Anna Stec

A discussion with the artist will take place during the vernissage at 6.30 p.m.

Piotr Sakowski, b. 1983

He uses various media in his practice. His projects combine the tradition of conceptual art, minimalistic ephemeral actions and a reflection on postproduction. His works were presented at, among other places, Otwarta Pracownia (Cracow); Austrian Culture Forum (Warsaw); Galeria Foksal (Warsaw); Galeria KONT (Lublin); Galeria Leto (Warsaw); Galeria xx1 (Warsaw); the Zachęta National Gallery of Art (Warsaw); during the Photomonth in Cracow; at Galeria Aspekt (Fine Arts Academy, Warsaw); at the Bęc Zmiana Foundation (Warsaw).

1 Grzegorz Dziamski, Dispute over Polish Contemporary Art