SURVIVAL 8 Art Review. Sewn-glued catalogue, 96 pages, linen hardcover with an overprint. Publisher: Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław; Co-publisher: ART TRANSPARENT Contemporary Art Foundation.

The catalogue is summary of the 8th edition of the SURVIVAL Art Review, which took place in June 2010 in the Strzegomski Bunker in Wrocław. The issue contains photo documentation of the Review and articles in Polish and English written by the curators of SURVIVAL’s 8th edition, Michał Bieniek and Anna Kołodziejczyk, Daniel Brożek – music scene curator, as well as by prof. Janusz L. Dobesz, Dorota Monkiewicz and Kuba Szreder.

The publication can be purchased by making a donation for the statutory activities of the ART TRANSPARENT Foundation. Please transfer the amount of 60 PLN to the Foundation’s bank account: BOŚ 05 1540 1030 2103 7700 6268 0001, with the note: “donation for statutory purposes”, and send your postal address with the note “catalogue SURVIVAL 8” to our e-mail address:

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