Hanna Krzetuska. It’s Me Who Paints!

Herstories of the legendary Wrocław Group in Mieszkanie Gepperta gallery. Exhibition and discussion forum.


Exhibition It’s Me Who Paints! from the series 15% of Abstraction

Exhibition at the Mieszkanie Gepperta gallery and Szewska gallery dedicated to Hanna Krzetuska and the artists of the Grupa Wrocławska.

14.10.2022 — 30.11.2022

Tomasz Opania, “All Quiet on the Eastern Front”

A new exhibition at Mieszkanie Gepperta and Szewska galleries will begin in early September.

02.09.2022 — 29.09.2022

Locum for refugees from Ukraine

The Mieszkanie Gepperta Gallery is temporarily closed – until further notice.


Karolina Jaklewicz | Marzena Sadocha, „STATE OF EMERGENCY”

A new exhibition at the Mieszkanie Gepperta gallery and the Szewska gallery

11.02.2022 — 10.03.2022

Jurkiewicz | Pintal | Tagowska | Michałowska, “The Coordinate System”

A new exhibition at the Mieszkanie Gepperta gallery and the Szewska gallery as part of the “15% abstraction” series.

29.10.2021 — 10.12.2021

Ewa Zwarycz, “Broken Mirror”

We invite you to the exhibition of the Wroclaw artist Ewa Zwarycz in the street gallery Szewska (July 2 – August 20) in the gallery of Geppert’s apartment (July 15 – August 19).



02.07.2021 — 19.08.2021


A unique exhibition of paintings by a young artist at the Mieszkanie Gepperta contemporary art gallery.

20.05.2021 — 20.06.2021

Horacy Muszyński, “Rixt”

As part of the artist’s exhibition at the Mieszkanie Gepperta gallery, the premiere of his latest film will be on April 12. Until the end of April, in the Szewska street gallery you can see an exhibition illustrating the process of creating “Rixt”.

24.03.2021 — 10.05.2021

What The Eye Doesn’t Know

project by Karina Marusińska held in Centrala, Birmingham and Mieszkanie Gepperta, Wrocław

23.09.2017 — 08.12.2017

Bel Air

opening of Leon Podsiadły’s exhibition in cooperation with Magda Podsiadły

15.09.2017 — 13.10.2017

Who would you be if you could be anybody you wanted

Kasia Kmita’s exhibition

16.12.2016 — 20.01.2017