UNLEARNING – 20 years of art for social change in the V4 region

Ideas for sustainable regional cooperation in Central Europe



PILLS  an open call for art projects 20TH SURVIVAL ART REVIEW.

17.12.2021 — 27.02.2022

Jurkiewicz | Pintal | Tagowska | Michałowska, “The Coordinate System”

A new exhibition at the Mieszkanie Gepperta gallery and the Szewska gallery as part of the “15% abstraction” series.

29.10.2021 — 10.12.2021

Tadeusz Różewicz’s Wrocław Walks

An exhibition of works by Tomasz Ostaszewski and Piotr Bartos at the Szewska gallery.

19.10.2021 — 29.10.2021

Alicja Patanowska and Marcin Sawiński, “Fake News Archive”

An installation at Concordia Design that draws attention to the phenomenon of media disinformation.

15.10.2021 — 15.11.2021

ARTIFAKE TALK: art in the face of disinformation and media manipulation in Poland and Ukraine

We invite you to a discussion on the phenomenon of fake news and media manipulation in Poland and Ukraine.

12.10.2021 — 12.10.2021

ARTIFAKE: Liliana Zeic, “Summer Has Completely Come Today”

Performances in front of Wrocław’s  Centennial Hall and online activities as part of the ART INVADES PROPAGANDA project on the spread of misinformation and propaganda.

04.10.2021 — 10.10.2021

ARTIFAKE: Paweł Kulczyński, “2+2=5”

Sound installation on the Wyspa Tamka in Wrocław as part of the ART INVADES PROPAGANDA project on the spread of disinformation and propaganda.


09.09.2021 — 15.10.2021

Zofia Pałucha in Szewska gallery

The exhibition presenting the work of the painter associated with Wrocław will last until October 1.

06.09.2021 — 01.10.2021

Ewa Zwarycz, “Broken Mirror”

We invite you to the exhibition of the Wroclaw artist Ewa Zwarycz in the street gallery Szewska (July 2 – August 20) in the gallery of Geppert’s apartment (July 15 – August 19).



02.07.2021 — 19.08.2021

Forum for Dialogue

The program of the Social Forum during the 19th SURVIVAL Art Review was devoted to artistic mobility, international exchanges and residencies.

26.06.2021 — 28.06.2021

Art Review SURVIVAL 19

The program of the 19th edition of Przegląd Sztuki in historic Pafawag.

25.06.2021 — 29.06.2021