VAHA: Wrocław Strategic Survival Hub

We diagnose the social, political and organizational difficulties faced by the third sector.

Wroclaw Strategic Survival Hub is a joint initiative of the ART TRANSPARENT Foundation, the FEPS Foundation for European Studies, and the Diversja Association. As part of the collaboration and development of our local hub, we have conducted eight interviews with representatives of non-governmental organisations, activists, and academics. The objective of these conversations was to diagnose the socio-political and organisational challenges faced by the representatives of these circles, and to gain insight into the ways in which they cope with obstacles encountered in their work and daily lives.

Invited guests

Katarzyna Kajdanek
Paweł Pomian
Krzysztof Smolnicki
Roman Stanek
Alina Szeptycka
Ewa Trojanowska
Przemysław Witkowski
Ewa Zwarycz

Project team

Karolina Bieniek
Anna Cwynar
Dorota Mołodyńska- Küntzel
Iwona Nowak
Dorota Wierzbicka


camera and editing: Piotr Bartos
sound: Piotr Bartos
translation and subtitles: Alicja Grabarczyk

The Wroclaw Strategic Survival Hub project is carried out as part of the VAHA programme, a joint initiative of Anadolu Kültur and MitOst e.V., funded by Stiftung Mercator and the European Cultural Foundation.