Tadeusz Różewicz’s Wrocław Walks

An exhibition of works by Tomasz Ostaszewski and Piotr Bartos at the Szewska gallery.

Wrocław was the last city where Tadeusz Różewicz lived. However, you could not really call him a Wrocław poet – in contrast to other artists, he did not eagerly participate in the literary life of the city, he did not frequent public places and did not create the mysterious image of a poet. He was inspired by what was on the outskirts of the city, deserted parks rather than crowds. Like a tourist in his own city, he took photos of himself against the background of famous tourist sites.

The exhibition of artworks by Tomasz Ostaszewski and Piotr Bartos, produced by the Pan Tadeusz Museum, illustrates a sightseeing path in the “Tadeusz Różewicz’s Wrocław Walks” application, which is free to download in the museum mobile app. The walk completes the new permanent exhibition “Pan Tadeusz Różewicz” opened on 9 October, 2021 in the Under the Golden Sun tenement house (Rynek 6, Wrocław).

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Galeria Szewska
Szewska 27, 50-139 Wrocław
contact: p.rogowski@arttransparent.org