Kolorowe zaBAW!ki

The last virtual Baby Art Walk! of 2020 – add some colour to the history of contemporary art in Wrocław!

The last virtual Baby Art Walk! of 2020 – add some colour to the history of contemporary art in Wrocław!

The BAW! Academy, or Baby Art Walk!, is a series of cultural walks for families with young children organised by the Art Transparent Foundation. In order to comply with the restrictions resulting from the epidemic and protect the health of all of us, we have decided to make this walk virtual. However, we are going to meet at the Mieszkanie Gepperta gallery as soon as possible to summarise this colourful final edition of BAW 2020!

We invite children and adults to have Colourful Fun – let this Santa Claus day be the beginning of learning about Wrocław’s art with fantastic guides – professor Eugeniusz Geppert and Hanna Krzetuska-Geppert.

The Gepperts, painters by education, arrived in ruined Wrocław in 1946. The Lower Silesian capital would become their home. They immersed themselves in the reconstruction of the local Academy of Fine Arts and co-created the artistic milieu of the city. Eugeniusz Geppert’s works were known in Poland and abroad. Hanna Krzetuska rarely exhibited her works, but it was around her that many artists associated with the Wrocław Group gathered. Until the end of their lives, they both lived in their apartment-cum-studio at 1/2 Ofiar Oświęcimskich Street, in the former Rybisch Palace, which since 2007 has housed the Mieszkanie Gepperta gallery.

During the final walk in this year’s BAW! series, we invite you to colour some unusual creatures. We have prepared three interesting tasks with short descriptions for our BAW! participants: it is the lion guarding the former Rybisch Palace, a pegasus, characteristic of Geppert’s art, and an abstraction by Krzetuska. You are most welcome to make your own artistic interpretations!


We hope that these educational materials will prove to be an easily understandable and valuable source of knowledge for kids and adults, marking the beginning of an adventure with the fascinating history of Wrocław and its inhabitants.

The Colourful Fun! event will last from 6 December until the end of the year. Send to us scans of your colouring pages at fundacja@arttransparent.org. Next year, we are going to organise a mini-exhibition and a vernissage meeting at the Mieszkanie Gepperta gallery, with sweet treats for artists of all ages!