Horacy Muszyński, “Rixt”

As part of the artist’s exhibition at the Mieszkanie Gepperta gallery, the premiere of his latest film will be on April 12. Until the end of April, in the Szewska street gallery you can see an exhibition illustrating the process of creating “Rixt”.

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Horacy Muszyński – Rixt
an exhibition

Galeria Szewska gallery
Szewska 27, 50-139 Wrocław
opening hours: round the clock
contact: p.rogowski@arttransparent.org

Project co-financed by the Department of Culture of the Wrocław City Hall.

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Horacy Muszyński – Rixt
an exhibition, the movie

Mieszkanie Gepperta gallery
Ofiar Oświęcimskich 1/2, 50-069 Wrocław
opening hours:
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 3:00-6:00 pm
sign up: zapisy@arttransparent.org
contact: fundacja@arttransparent.org

Organizer: Art Transparent
Cooperation: VHDG
Financed by: Gmina Wrocław
Organizer of the residency and project in the Netherlands: VHDG

photo: David Vroom

The works of Horacy Muszyński (b. 1994) combine film, performance and video art. His unique, experimental projects explore the boundaries between reality and fiction, high and low culture. He has developed his own radical film language, a mixture of genres and styles, from horror to documentary. With minimal resources, Muszyński creates special effects and tells highly imaginative visual stories using elements of parody, B films and amateur films. Underneath his absurd humour, there is a critical look at current social issues. For six weeks, from 30 August to 11 October 2020, Horacy Muszyński travelled around the Wadden area of ​​the Netherlands, where he was making an experimental horror film about Friesland. During this time, he lived and worked in a car which he also used as a mobile film studio. The residency resulted in a film combining the macabre and the ridiculous, which is surprisingly up-to-date. The exhibition at Mieszkanie Gepperta will consist of the screening of the film and feature a number of elements appearing in the setting of Muszyński’s Dutch production.

screen from the movie

As a result of the SRV-residency, artist Horacy Muszyński made a horror film entitled Rixt. Muszyński drew inspiration for the script from Frisian folklore. The story of the witch Rixt van Oerd is central to the film. Muszyński portrays the Frisian Wadden landscape in a unique way, as a backdrop for a dystopian vision of the future. Current topics, including plastic pollution in the Wadden area and the economic consequences of the coronavirus crisis, have been incorporated into the film with a lot of humor. An enthusiastic amateur crew and cast were involved in the project from start to finish, developing their talents in the process.

The film Rixt will be screened at Mieszkanie Gepperta in Wrocław from 12 April to 10 May.

photo: David Vroom

Horacy Muszyński has graduated in Experimental Film from the Faculty of Painting and New Media of the Academy of Art in Szczecin. He is currently participating in the postgraduate programme of De Ateliers, an art institution in Amsterdam.

Winner of many prizes, including the first prize in the 6th Best Media Arts Graduation Projects Competition organised by the WRO Art Centre, the second prize in the Project Room series in 2019, the first prize at the Hestia Artistic Journey 2017, Grand Prix at the Kocham Dziwne Kino festival and a prize at the Young Wolves 16 festival.

His films have been shown at festivals such as the 68th Cannes Film Festival (2015), Film Polska Berlin (2016), Szczecin European Film Festival (2016), Krakow Film Festival (2017), Survival Art Review (2019).

He works at the intersection of film and art, often introducing elements of humour and performance, e.g. in the film Dolly, the actors playing the family were supposed to behave like one also outside the set. In ID, Muszyński hired an actor who replaced him in real life for a week.