Emergency Room. European Culture Congress. 8-11 September 2011

Emergency Room is an open exhibition space provided for artists to comment the social and political events of a given day. The presented artwork, regardless of its form (installations, illustrations, video art, happenings, performances), is always critical and involved. Each piece is recorded, and some are published and commented online.Exhibits are swapped out every day at 12:00 and 18:00 throughout the duration of the project.



Pieces left unclaimed by artists are placed in the Delay Museum, where they serve as “yesterday’s art” ― no longer current from the Emergency Room’s point of view, but nevertheless topical, especially when compared to critical art displayed in classic, curated exhibitions, whose preparation takes much longer.

The Emergency Room project was first held at the PS1 Gallery at the New York Museum of Modern Art in 2007. The format was created by Thierry “Colonel” Geoffroy, a Danish format artist who will also be the curator of the Polish edition. Besides looking for global emergencies, the Emergency Room at the European Culture Congress will address congress events, especially topics of meetings and discussions.

European Culture Congress will be held in Wrocław from 8 to 11 September, 2011 is one of the most important events of Polish EU Presidency 2011. Four days of non-stop culture. Exhibitions, concerts, films, theatre performances, and panels. Over 300 artists and renowned intellectuals from all over the world gather in one city. More information at: www.culturecongress.eu.

The Emergency Room pavilion will be set up in the busiest location in the building complex surrounding Centennial Hall. The pavilion was designed by Marcin Garbacki and Karolina Tunajek (Projekt Praga). Pavilion’s interior was designed by architect Jean de Piepape.

Curators: Michał Bieniek, Thierry Geoffroy
Architects: Marcin Garbacki, Karolina Tunajek
Interior design: Jean de Piepape
Production: Karolina Bieniek, Agata Makowska

> FORMAT Emergency Room Wrocław: 8 – 11.09.2011 / hrs: 10:00-22:00.
> Opening: 8.09.2011 / hr: 20:00.
> Passages: 9 – 11.09.2011 / daily: 12:00 & 18:00.
> Delay Museum: 13 – 25.09.2011 / hrs: 10:00 – 20:00.

The project is part of the European Culture Congress that is held within the Cultural Programme of  the Polish Presidency 2011 – UWAGA NA KULTURĘ!

Organizers: Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, National Audiovisual Institute
Co-organizer: City of Wrocław
Co-funder: European Union
Patrons of the Polish Presidency: PKO Bank Polski, PZU S.A.
Partners: Centennial Hall in Wrocław, Feature Films Studio, European Cultural Foundation
Technological Partner of the Congress: Orange
Organizer of the Format / Production: ART TRANSPARENT Foundation
Partner of the Format: Imagine Film Production Studio