Cultural institutions dealing with contemporary art are on the one side producing art: exhibitions, inviting artist and getting them inspired to present something that is suitable for the venue. At the same time this institutions play an important role in popularising contemporary art and carry responsibility to prepare their learners, visitors, viewers for the reception of the art. Contemporary art is sometimes difficult to understand for an unprepared viewers so galleries and other institutions prepare an educational offer in different forms for adult learners (from lectures, guided tours to workshops and meetings with authors, artists, curators) to get their learners acquainted with the trends and ideas represented by visual arts and raise awareness about cultural productions.

The Grundtvig partnership project “Contemporary Art for Everyone” deals with different forms of adult education about contemporary art. Between August 2012 and July 2014 partners will meet to exchange and discuss their experience as well as build partnership. Each of the participating European partners has specific experience in extracurricular education. This project enables the exchange of experiences between the participating partners with the aim to learn from each other how to give his audience more effective educational content and innovative methods. Partners will discuss the forms of adult education in this subject in their countries, provided especially by smaller institutions, being close to artists and curators. Moreover they will explore the theme of art in public space in their different environment (city, village, nature, historical sites ect. )and the impact on learners. Meetings will be attended not only by members of stuff but also by adult learners interested in the fields.  One of the aim of the project is also creating common initiatives aiming at adult learners and local environment.

MitOst – – Niemcy
Kulturni Centrum Rehlovice – – Czechy
Associació Cultural Triple Zeta – – Hiszpania
Landkreis Dahme-Spreewald – – Niemcy


This project is supported by the European Commission under Grundtvig Life Long Learning Programme.